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  • Guard Tracking

    GPS on Guard is an advanced level tracking software which records the real-time movement of the guard on premises; this can be viewed by the client and you at anytime from anywhere.

  • Monitoring

    Our 24 hour monitoring network has around the clock security monitoring specialists who keep watch on each site so you don't have to. In case of incidents or emergencies on site the monitoring specialists will contact the guard and if they are unresponsive the Supervisor is immediately dispatched to site.

  • Secure Scan

    Our Secure Scan System automatically constructs a QR code which can be used for scanning wherever needed; usually in places where the GPS signal can't reach such as underground area.

  • Online Scheduling

    We have taken the headache out of scheduling, which can be easily prepared online and then viewed online by guards and clients from the comfort of their home or anywhere else at any given time.

  • Daily Log Report

    Logs of each shift is documented online and can be accessed by you and your client at anytime. This eliminates the need for hand written reports which will save you storage space, and paper wastage.

  • Inventory Control

    Companies tend to unnecessarily lose a lot of money due inventory loss and not having a proper system to track inventory going out or being returned. Our Inventory control system is linked to each guard profile and will remind you of the inventory borrowed before deleting guard from system and/or if the guard has not been active for a period of time.

  • Administrative Records

    Our system ensures your administrative records are secured, easily managed and accessed when needed. Instead of shuffling through piles of papers and employee files, GPS on Guard tracking system does the work for you.

  • Auto Billing

    Our system automatically generates invoices than can be printed with just a touch of a button, which saves a lot of your valuable time and headache from disordered paperwork.

  • Incident Report

    Guards can instantaneously upload Incidident Reports with pictures, which you can view immediately from your office, home, or on your mobile device.

  • Solitary Worker Protection

    Our GPS device features a Panic Button which a guard can press in case of an emergency.

  • Standing Order

    Based on the site the guard is working at, the appropriate Standing Order will be pushed to the GPS device for the guards viewing.

  • User Friendly

    You dont require any kind of training or manual to operate our software. It's very simple and easy to employ.