GPS-On-Guard Tracking is a state-of-the-art multi-faceted technology that allows you to remotely monitor your guards on site and receive real-time tracking reports. It also permits you to fully manage your scheduling, payroll, and billing systems while our monitoring centre is supervising your guards on duty.


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Designed by experience

GPS-On-Guard is backed by over 16 years of experience in the security industry. As industry professionals, we believe that your reputation as a security service provider is not something to be taken lightly. Over the years we have worked with countless reputable security companies and repeatedly came across the same issues all companies are facing. Some of these problematic issues include guards sleeping on duty, inventory loss, unnecessary overhead costs, miscommunication in scheduling, time-consuming billing system and handwritten reports which can be difficult to read but also lack crucial in-depth details. These problems cost security service providers a lot of money, time and headache.


Guard Tracking

Mobile Patrol


Our "Geocor" technology is what differentiates us from the competition. Geocor is an advanced level tracking system which enforces the guard to patrol and records the real-time movement of the guard on the premises. This can be viewed your client and you at anytime from anywhere.

No need to spend extra cash on tracking your Mobile patrol vehicles. GPS-On-Guard will track your Mobile Patrol vehicles in real time, it will also allow you to fully manage and monitor your patrol cars and provide proof to your client .

Our 24-hour monitoring network has security specialists who keep watch on each site so you don't have to. In case of any incidents or emergencies on site the monitoring specialists will contact the guard and if they are unresponsive a supervisor is immediately dispatched to the site.

Daily Log Report

Online Scheduling

Incident Report

Detailed logs of each shift are documented online and can be accessed by you and your client at any time. This eliminates the need for messy handwritten reports which will save you storage space and paper wastage.

We have taken a headache out of scheduling. Our system allows schedules to be easily created, printed, and viewed online by guards and clients at any time from anywhere, this will create order and aid in solving any scheduling miscommunication issues.

Guards can instantaneously upload Incident reports with images, which you can view immediately from your office, home, or mobile device.

Secure Scan

Standing Order

Administrative Records

Our Secure Scan System automatically constructs a QR code which can be used for scanning wherever needed; This will be resourceful in places where the GPS signal can't be reached, such as underground areas.

Based on the site the guard is working at, the appropriate Standing Order will be pushed to the GPS device for the guards viewing. This will eliminate or cut down the guards training time and allow them to perform diligently.

Our system ensures that all your administrative records are secure, easily managed and are accessible when needed. Instead of shuffling through piles of papers and employee files, GPS-On-Guard Tracking System does the work for you.

Auto Billing & Payroll

Inventory Control

Solitary Worker Protection

Companies tend to unnecessarily lose a lot of money due to inventory loss and not having a proper system in place. Our Inventory control is designed to track all inventory going out and being returned.

Our GPS-On-Guard Tracking app features a specialized ‘panic button’ which guards can use in case of an emergency when pressed this button will instantly send an alert to the monitoring centre, and help will be dispatched.

Our system automatically generates invoices and calculates payroll. For your convenience, these can easily be printed or downloaded. This will help keep you organized and save you valuable time.


Client Satisfaction

With GPS-On-Guard you will have the power to win over potential clients and improve the satisfaction of current clients by helping maintain and strengthen the working relationship for a longer duration of time.


You are able to view daily reports, incident reports, records and schedules from anywhere and anytime all from your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone, there is no need to download or install anything

User Friendly

While developing this software our main focus was on keeping it simple and as easy to use as possible. GPS-On-Guard is a user-friendly system that can be implemented by any employee in your security business. It does not require any costly or time-consuming training because It is simple and easy to employ.

Secured Data

We lock down and guard our servers. Your information is confidential therefore we are committed to ensuring that it is always protected.





Enforced patrols


Collaboration network



Increase Productivity


To keep up with the expanding security industry we invented Geocor technology system for tracking your guards. Geocor technology enforces the guard to patrol the prepared point-of-interests in order to register a patrol and prevents the guard from being inactive.

GPS-On-Guard is a multi-featured system invented for security service providers, which helps you connect every aspect of the workforce. With multiple user access, you can define the role of each user to give them limited access.

Automated features like Billing, Payroll, Scheduling, Monitoring, and Reports will save you time, and all entries are automatically backed up to the secured server to ensure you do not lose any work.

Features like standing order and online reporting are made available to the guard to ensure their productivity on site. To make sure your guards are delivering the highest standard of service, the monitoring observes the guards on duty.

Peace of mind








You have access to up-to-date information of activity on any site. This gives you and your clients the peace of mind knowing your guards are protecting all sites diligently.

GPS-On-Guard simplifies security and allows you to take control and monitor your sites from anywhere in the world on any of your devices.

Our Geocor technology tracks the guard's real-time movement history and the data is immediately documented online, making it so you and your clients are able to view the activity on site at any time ensuring total accountability.

GPS-On-Guard reduces the use of paper and ink, with all digital features. Not only will you be helping the environment, you will be saving space, valuable time and reducing your expenses at the same time.




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Customers favor companies whose guards are being tracked and monitored





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You can save a year by tracking your inventory






As a security company, you are only as good as your guard, secure your reputation with GPS-On-Guard.

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